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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting (Politically Incorrect Guides) Why The Left S Anti Hunting Propaganda Is Dead Wrong Nothing Is Hated And Misunderstood By The Trendy Left Than Hunting But Now Intrepid Hunter And Pro Hunting Activist Frank Miniter Sets The Record Straight In The Politically Incorrect Guide Tm To Hunting, He Details The Concrete Benefits That Hunting Provides To All Of Us Even How It Helps The Environment Speaking With Wildlife Biologists, Hunters, Farmers, Anti Hunters, And Victims Of Animal Attacks, Miniter Explains How Banning Hunting Negatively Affects Wildlife Populations And Conservation Miniter S Fearless, Politically Incorrect Take On Hunting Lays Out The Facts That Liberal Enviro Nuts Don T Want You To Know, Including How A Well Intentioned Policy Of Live And Let Live With Florida Alligators Resulted In Human Deaths Why You Re Likely To Be Attacked By A Bear In An Area Where Hunting Is Forbidden, Such As A National Park Why Non Lethal Alternatives To Hunting Don T Work To Control Animal Populations Why Even Vegetarians Depend On Hunting For Their Dinner Especially Those Who Demand Organic Or Locally Grown Food How Hunters Are Wildlife S Best Defenders Far Effective Than Big Budget Green Groups How Deer Cause Human Deaths Each Year Than Sharks, Cougars, Bears, And Alligators Combined Why Hunting Is Statistically Safer For Kids Than Football, Bicycling, And TennisIf You Love Hunting, You Need To Arm Yourself With The Politically Incorrect Guide Tm To Hunting, So That The Next Time You Encounter An Anti Hunter, You Ll Be Equipped To Shoot Down Politically Correct Myths And Defend This Great American Sport Against All Attacks.

10 thoughts on “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting (Politically Incorrect Guides)

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    The author presents some great facts, but spends too much time belaboring the points he is trying to make I kept wanting to say, OK, OK You convinced me already and then move on to a new topic I guess if you are passionate about hunting, all those statistics and detailed examples will be of interest but for casual observers like me, it s a bit much A fifty ...

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    While I did like it I found it preachy.

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    Absolutely THE BEST book on hunting Very informative, and is a fun read One of my new favorite books in my personal library.I just wish my extremely anti hunting neighbor still lived next door, because I would love to be able to hold a debate on this subject and have a chance to present the facts.

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    No humor in the book Preaching to the choir.

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    5 stars for the truth

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