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Isaac Asimov Isaac Asimov 1920 1992 Had A Brilliant Career As A Scientist, Teacher, And Writer Best Known For His Science Fiction Novels And Stories, He Also Wrote Poetry And Nonfiction, And He Prepared Guides To The Bible, Shakespeare, And Other Literary Works His Personal Book Collection Is Held In The Special Collections Department Of The Mulgar Library At Boston University This Volume Is A Guide To The Holdings Of The Asimov Collection There.Included Are Annotated Entries For Books By Asimov Along With Books That He Owned Such Books May Have Influenced Him, For He Thought Them Important Enough To Keep In His Private Library The First Half Of The Book Includes Works By Asimov, With Chapters Devoted To Particular Types Of Works The Second Half Includes Entries For Works That Asimov Owned But Did Not Write, With Chapters Arranged Similarly Entries In Each Chapter Are Listed Alphabetically, With Annotations Discussing The Significance Of The Works And The Editions Held By The Library.

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