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  • Kindle Edition
  • 253 pages
  • Deliverance
  • James Dickey
  • English
  • 12 August 2017

DeliveranceThe Setting Is The Georgia Wilderness, Where The State S Most Remote White Water River Awaits In The Thundering Froth Of That River, In Its Echoing Stone Canyons, Four Men On A Canoe Trip Discover A Freedom And Exhilaration Beyond Compare And Then, In A Moment Of Horror, The Adventure Turns Into A Struggle For Survival As One Man Becomes A Human Hunter Who Is Offered His Own Harrowing Deliverance.

About the Author: James Dickey

Dickey was born in Atlanta, Georgia After serving as a pilot in the Second World War, he attended Vanderbilt University Having earned an MA in 1950, Dickey returned to military duty in the Korean War, serving with the US Air Force Upon return to civilian life Dickey taught at Rice University in Texas and then at the University of Florida From 1955 to 1961, he worked for advertising agencies in

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    Posted at Shelf Inflicted I saw this twice, once in the late 80 s and again in 1996, shortly after my husband and I got married I loved the movie both times I saw it, even though my husband found it utterly boring and not nearly as thrilling as Southern Comfort Over time, the scenes that stood out the most for me were the dueling banjos and the hillbilly rape.Right after reading the book, I watched the movie a third time The first thing I noticed was that the film was quite faithful to the book There were significant differences, of course, mostly with the character of Ed Gentry The book was told entirely by him, not just the events that occurred following Ed and his friends preparation for their remote white water adventure, but his thoughts about work too much , his family too little , and his feelings about life which bordered on the too philosophical The studio was full of gray affable men who had tried it in New York and come back South to live and die They were competent, though we demanded n...

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    A masterpiece of lyrical, intense writing When I think of the old writing admonition make haste, slowly, I think of this book, because the plot is riveting and tense and yet it all unfurls with a measured deliberation, with great care in the writing that transforms it from a potboiler to something far beautiful There are so many arresting sentences here I ve cracked the book at random to highlight just a couple and I don t think they ll spoil anything since they re devoid of context I knew it was not a game, and yet, whenever I could, I glanced at the corpse to see if it would ...

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    Few novelists have claimed such an epic success with their debut novel as James Dickey did with his dramatically brilliant thriller Deliverance, set in the remote North Georgia wilderness Dickey, who was already an accomplished poet renowned for his surrealism and eye for primal impulses prevailing in the human society, wrote Deliverance in 1970 and it has been since regarded among the best English novels of 20th century The book was adapted into a movie in 1972 starring Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight and it was a blockbuster For me both the movie and the novel where equally thrilling.This is James Dickey s study on the lingering elements of primitive urges and primal instincts for survival, which is hidden asleep in even the most civilized of human beings He generates dangerous situations within his narrative as test cases to inspect how law abiding human beings shed their veil of being civilized in response to mortal threats in settings where the common laws of civilization and morality cease to exist This white water ride of an adventure begins when four middle aged city dwellers Ed Gentry a graphic artist, Bobby Trippe an insurance agent, Drew Ballinger a business executiv...

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    Only men would think it is a good idea to go canoeing into the jungle wilderness of Georgia If this novel were female driven it would have been about two pages long because no woman would stand for its sheer bravado driven ridiculousness So four guys so canoeing in Georgia and things go wrong They go really, really wrong Deliverance is testosterone personified It is a novel about men but ultimately it is an ode to masculinity It harks back to the adventure novels that little boys would read and plays with this sense of adventure It lures the characters, and ultimately the reader, into this intense, sweaty, oppressive forest The men flow through the jungle but also the jungle flows through the men As we watch everything slowly descending into sheer chaos and brutality, we feel helpless You may not know it but you are also on the canoe and you better start paddling Deliverance offers no deliverance The bitt...

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    The one about the city folk getting lost in the woods and subsequently raped hunted Confession I have never seen the film I know its a big deal, but all I am ever faced with are the edited for TV sections on TV of the pig squeal and the torment heavy megaambiance The bromance comes to a thunderous halt as the friends try to makes sense of it all and desire desperately to come out alive It is, I will admit, pretty full of those literary premonitions any horror novel worth its salt would contain But, when, EVER, has the climax happened way BEFORE the last page It occurs, SPOILER whatever at around page 200 Then there s like 80 pages oh anticlimax supreme , it seems like a wee uneven, especially for a tale that s not all that unconventional Ah, you and I can find this in the elusive MEDIOCRELIT BEGETTING UNFORGETTABLE CINEMA category next to Oscar winning Ordinary People the Judith Gu...

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    Wow I ve been talking about Deliverance to all my friends, who all roll their eyes at me, because I haven t seen the movie This was one of the best books I ve read this year The writing is documentary style, but surprisingly lyrical It s told from a single point of view, and works so well for description, mood, suspense, I absolutely loved it.Am I the only person in the world who hasn t seen the movie I m familiar with the two most talked about scenes The banjo scene was beautifully written, and the rape is brutal in its simplicity I think that was the best quality of Deliverance the simplicity Everything except the country is told in a stripped down, journalistic style, but the river country they travel through, is a fully realized character on its own The narrator rambles He tells what they did in little bits But he describes what he sees in long panoramas, framed by his designer vision, like a layout for one of his magazine spreads I was prepared to be disappointed, having read several books lately that seemed as though they had been written just to be an easy screenplay This novel demands to be filmed, and you just hope that it gets done by somebody who can do it justice I suppose I ll have to watch it, just to see if it happened Wikipedia tells me In 2008, Deliv...

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    DOVE PORTA IL FIUME Dickey scriveva principalmente poesie, questo il suo prima romanzo, genere nel quale si ciment solo un altro paio di volte Le sue poesie sono state paragonate al mitico wall of sound di Phil Spector, l altrettanto mitico produttore musicale poesie che erano walls of words , stratificate, riverberate, imbottite di parole e suono una delle pi famose, Falling , descrive una hostess di 29 anni risucchiata da un jet in volo Con le poesie vinse il National Book Award e divenne poet laureat.Cast perfetto Burt Rynolds al top della sua prestanza fisica non ancora sminuita dal ridicolo baffo che non ha pi abbandonato dopo quel film Jon Voigt in una fase di ristagno della carriera, dopo successi grandiosi e qualche passo falso Ned Beatty, tenero ma irritante, e Ronny Cox prima che diventasse lo stereotipo del villain Per i due protagonisti furono prima sentiti Sean Connery, Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Lee Marvin, Donald Sutherland, James Setwart, Henry Fonda, Gene Hackman, Charlton Heston, tutti calibri da 90, alcuni decisamente troppo ag e per il ruolo per fortuna andata come andata Dickey appare in un cammeo alla fine, nella parte dello sceriffo.Ma per me, e per tanti, noto soprattutto proprio per questo romanzo E il fatto, credo, lo si debba all ottimo film che ne stato tratto, che ha conservato ...

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    Deliverance is a book about wilderness and survival Maybe, not the way you would generally imagine a wilderness vs survival meeting no spoilers here but none the less, survival in the truest sense This novel was very well written, extremely fluent and flowing.

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    Probably the only way I would ve appreciated this novel would be if I were a white collar, mid life crisis having family man in the 70 s That should say at least something, considering I m not by any stretch what you would call an adventure novel reader, and haven t even remotely settled myself into a stable enough existence to warrant feelings of stagnation and suburban humdrum My kids and my mortgage are not dragging me down enough to compel me to thrill seek in nature or join an underground boxing club or buy a red sports car, mostly because I don t have kids or a mortgage, I do not fine, can t fight, and cars are stupid and boring and purely a necessity for those of us who live in Oklahoma City, which is approximately 99.9% concrete So this was not so much an escapist thing for me It is just a jagged edged, meditative, scary, gripping, awesomeawesome story For anyone.Pretty much everyone knows about The Scene, whether or not they ve actually watched the film, as certain quotes from it you know the ones have ...

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    First of the year and what a first, a simple, totally gripping story that resonates with power Will Patton s narration puts you on that river, in that tree sighting the arrow with one shot at survival and this gets my highest recommendation Told in first person through the eyes of Ed Gentry, who with three friends attempts a breakout from suburbia with a canoe and hunting trip Na ve, lacking the skills needed to survive, maybe but things don t get any easier when they are approached on the riverbank by two men, one with a gun, and the other with a knife Coupled with a river that takes no prisoners and a tension that borders on breathtaking at times, all described with a prose and dialogue that imposes every single word on your consciousness This is a quote from one of the most riveting scenes in the story, both sighting that arrow and getting in the position to be able to do just that, their lives depending on this very moment But mainly I was amazed at my situation Just rather dumbly amazed It was harder to imagine myself in a tree, like this, than it was to reach out and touch the bark or the needles and know that I was actually in one, in the middle of the night or somewhere in the night miles back in the woods, waiting to try and kill a man I had seen only once in my life Nobody in the world knows where I...

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